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Whittington Castle Appeal
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Whittington Castle appeal still needs your support

It may have escaped your notice but one of our local heritage attractions is in financial difficulty, as are many businesses during the pandemic. Whittington Castle is an important historical monument and tourist attraction for our area. Dating back to least 1138. It has been part of the landscape of Whittington and Shropshire for 900 years. It helps bring in vital visitors to the area, their money and the wider benefits to the economy. The Whittington Castle appeal aims to raise £50,000 to help it stay afloat and survive Coronavirus.

Cllr David Walker standing outside Whittington Castle
David Walker standing outside Whittington Castle in 2017

When so many are struggling financially during the Coronavirus outbreak, why does this charity deserve your support more than others? For me, it is a question of identity. Whittington Castle is an important part of the fabric of our community and what defines us as a community. Just as Ludlow Castle defines Ludlow.

Whittington Castle is the 1st community-run ancient monument in England.  It is run by a group of volunteers. They have no outside funding and rely totally on public support to keep Whittington Castle open. They have received a £10,000 grant from the Government which helps with their fixed costs that remained during the lockdown. At this time they have no income from the car park, weddings, events or the tea room. As we ease coronavirus restrictions, funds are likely to remain limited for some time.

Many many organisations will be struggling for a long time until things return to normal. Much of the local economy in Shropshire depends on tourism. Attractions like these are the bedrock of that.

Donate to Whittington Castle appeal

Whittington Castle appeal passed £10,000 last week.

I put my money where my mouth is and helped shove the Whittington Castle appeal over the £10,000 mark last week. Many people are donating. Many small donations add up to a lot.

IF you can spare some small change to help this charity stay afloat, I would urge you to donate. Everything helps, however small.

Over 450 generous people have donated to the Whittington Castle Appeal so far.

Join as a member from as little as £6 a year

Anybody can join on payment of a small annual subscription, and in return you’ll get a member’s free parking pass and special rates for events, as well as being able to get involved in the running of the Trust.

Whittington Castle website

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