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What an appalling state of affairs

We the wheels have finally fallen of the Labour Government. Rats in a sack springs to mind. You wait for ages for the spin machine at number 10 to mess up, and then, just like waiting for a bus 3 come along at once.

The scale of the damage for Labour will not become clear until the local election results are declared next week. With the last two polls have shown Labour at a 19 year low, Labour party chiefs were already bracing themselves for a good whipping next Thursday. The talk was that they were expecting about 150 losses. Now after ‘Shambolic Wednesday’ they must be dreading those declarations. This is ‘manna from heaven’ for the opposition parties. However, The Conservatives must be worried that they will miss out on next Thursday’s bonanza. The latest Mori poll has shown Labour votes moving to the LibDems. Labour has fallen 9% in a month, the Tories are down 4% and the LibDems are up 6%.

The results next week look to be very interesting indeed. Shooting fish in a barrel according to some reports. Tonight’s Moray by-election might give us a clue.