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David Walker finishing his shift as darkness fell on opening day at new vaccination centre in Oswestry
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Vaccination rollout gathers pace

Vaccinations are being rolled out at a good pace with more centres coming on stream. Over 200,000 people in the county have now been vaccinated, pushing us closer to half of the population. The Shropshire Star has also reported that over 50 year olds vaccinations will be starting next week. As an Asthmatic I had my vaccination a few weeks ago. My GP surgery rang me up to see if I could make an appointment the same day. It is important that we all take up the offer if we get the call. After all, none of us are safe until we are all safe.

David brandishing his vaccination card outside the Orthopaedic
David brandishing his vaccination card outside the Orthopaedic

Earlier this week I had my first shift as a volunteer at the new vaccination centre in Oswestry. The centre is based at the Spring Lamb Centre on Shrewsbury Road. The centre is open from 8am to 8pm is run by Day Lewis pharmacy and the NHS. Vaccinations are by appointment only. Volunteers are helping clinicians be helping to process patients through the centre. Vaccinations are complimenting other centres. It was great to help people and great atmosphere. There were 140 appointments on day 1… One every 5 minutes. As the routine improves more ‘lanes’ will open and 600-700 vaccinations will happen a day.

David Walker during his shift on opening day at new vaccination centre in Oswestry
David Walker during his shift on opening day at new vaccination centre in Oswestry

Need to move your vaccination appointment? Call 119

I was staggered that 3 people didn’t turn up for their appointments on the first day, for something so important. If you need to alter an appointment it can be easily done by simply ringing 119. Vaccinations doses can’t be help held over. It means a mad scramble to find somebody else at the end of the day or the dose goes in the bin. Please turn up for your appointment or move it if you can’t. Doses are too important to throw away.

2 thoughts on “Vaccination rollout gathers pace”

  1. Vaccination system is wonderful unless you fall through the gaps. My first vaccination offered was in Winsford and I was then able to make the 90mile round trip. Now I am unable to travel a distance for my second and am being offered alternatives in Liverpool,Stoke or Birmingham . The on line and phone system, the pharmacy and the doctors have sent me on a catch 22 round trip for 3hrs and I had to cancel the Winsford appointment to enter the system. The Spring Lamb is 3miles from me but can I get to contact them, no I can not, and today they are closed. However well done for volunteering. I will persevere. Just thought it would be interesting for you to know all is not perfect in our system.

    1. Hi Frank,
      I agree it is far from perfect. Spring Lamb has struggled to get vaccination supplies at times. They can do between 600-700 jabs a day but so far they haven’t to my knowledge come close to running all 4 lanes. The 2nd week they did 300 shots a day. The 1st 150 jabs a day. The other week they only had supplies for 400 jabs for the whole week. So they operated on reduced hours that week.

      They have been closed more because of a bigger supply issue this month. However, they have been taking appointments for next week because I know somebody who got an appointment on Monday. How much they are open next week I don’t know. As a volunteer I haven’t about a rota yet but that depends on the days and hours they are open and what the demand for support from volunteers is.

      I am aware that Shropshire was racing ahead with vacinnations compared to other areas and we’re being held back from racing away from other areas. On one level I can see why that may be desireable. However, we all need to be vaccinated, twice, as soon as possible to totally squash infections, before any mutations undo the good work by everybody. The last thing we need is a new wave that vaccinations don’t protect us from. We are only safe when we are all safe.

      A parish councillor colleague has also had problems moving her 2nd jab day using online and also tried calling 119. They had also tried and failed to speak to the orthopaedic and Spring Lamb. I have heard similar problems from other people.

      I can only imagine some vaccination centres are only doing 2nd jabs while other continue 1st jabs. I am not aware of Spring Lanb doing 2nd jabs yet. Hopefully I will find out some more in the coming days.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Frank. Very useful to have your insight. I hope you get sorted soon. Stay safe.

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