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Twitter addiction update

Right! I thought it was time I updated you all on my addiction to twitter. This has reached terminal proportions and now equals my addiction to chocolate, as a chocoholic of many years standing, I can assure you that IS seriously bad!!

Why do I like twitter? It is simple… You can’t BS for very long on twitter. As of today I am following 474 people all of whom I chat with, some more than others, but they are all genuine and sincere people who actually give a damn about the world around them. I have 632 people following me & I am always amazed that people want to read what I have to say – 7,577 updates worth! But that is the point. You can’t sustain BS through that many updates and so many conversations with so many people. So the good ones don’t take themselves too seriously and everything ends up being quite frank, open and honest – if a little cheeky! OK a lot cheeky in my case ;-P But I do warn people that if I had a middle name it would be Cheeky!

With twitter the more you put in the more you get back and what you get back is a 1000 times more valuable. The great people of twitter share love and joy and they can lift the darkest of moods. If you haven’t had a go you should do!!! Right now!!! It will start slow but I promise in no time you will be hooked like me 😀 There are vacuous people on there who are only interested in getting followers or listening to the sound of their own voice, plus sad people trying to sell rubbish and the odd annoying prat trying to push some tat. But they are easily managed or avoided.

I have made some seriously good friends on there. Some local to Shropshire some further a field in the UK or overseas. Some are seriously good friends that I have met up with on a few occasions in real life. Some I will be meeting soon when I spend some time down in Devon. Two friends in particular have made me feel more alive than I have felt since last summer. One quite possibly more than I ever felt which is saying something!! The friends I have found through Twitter have been a great help for me in those dark moments when I reflect on what Julie & I have had together. A handful are such good fun and very dear friends who I love to bits. One even as the potential to be very special but time will tell.

I am now equipped more than ever to do the things that Julie wanted me to do – including finding somebody else to spend the rest of my life with. Julie and I often had deep conversations about all sorts of subjects. Last May we had one about mortality and a few other things. During this one she told me that should the worst ever happen that I was to marry somebody nice like Ms x down the road and that she did not want to become a vegetable after an operation. Probably something to do with her dad working for an undertakers and it may have been a subject they talked about over the kitchen table. Anyway, the irony of this chat is not lost on me. Little did either of us know that she would be gone from the world just 3 moths later 🙁 My only aims in life are to LIVE my life in the way that she would want me to & to make her proud of me. The last thing Julie said to me before her operation was: “Remember what I said.”

So now life is for the living, life is too short! I will carry on with my philosophy but I will always carry hers with me too 🙂

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  1. HAha aww you know twitter wouldnt be the same without you 😉

    also have fun when you go down to Devon 😉

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