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David Walker in West Felton
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Thank you

Thank you to everybody who voted yesterday and especially so to those who vote for me. I exceed my minimum expectations in an area not worked properly before and where I was unknown before. Plenty of analysis to do but clearly, there is plenty to build on for next time.

Charmley, Steve   Conservative   613   53.44%
Goff, Edward David   Green   152   13.25%
Jones, Christopher Lee   Independent   84   7.32%
Walker, David   Liberal Democrats   298   25.98%
Total votes:   1147

Full results are here:

West Felton Parish Council results tomorrow

Update 6th May 2017: Back home after a long session of parish council counts. Pleased to say I have been elected on to West Felton Parish Council. So the wait was worth it. Thank you to everybody who voted