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Tesco’s Plans rejected

On Monday BDC’s Planning committee rejected the application by Tesco’s for a second store in Bridgnorth. This is a victory for the vitality of Bridgnorth as a market town. Tesco’s would have posed a serious threat to the local traders in Bridgnorth.

If the Planning Committee had approved the plan it would have undermined a host of retailers in the High Street, not only through direct competition, but also by reducing car parking capacity.

As a tourist town Bridgnorth needs to increase capacity not reduce it. Until capacity is increased traders in Bridgnorth will have to operate under a glass ceiling.

I have argued that Bridgnorth needs a low-rise multi-storey car park. With one level underground, ground level & one upper level, the visual impact would be minimal. This is common place on the continent and elsewhere in the UK.

I have obtained figures which show that it would be feasible to build a car park at no cost to the council tax payer. Unfortunately BDC have not furnished me with the information that I need to take this idea to the next level. Probably due to sensitivity about the Tesco’s & Sainsbury’s applications they refused to supply the information that I requested. Perhaps now that the Tesco application has been resolved I will be able to progress this further.

It remains to be seen whether or not Tesco will appeal to have the decision over turned. Unlikely, in my view. It also remains open to them to submit another application which overcomes the committees objections.