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Shropshire Unitary proposal given the green light

I am very pleased that the proposal for a Shropshire Unitary Council has been given the green light. [Shropshire Star] I have supported the proposal from the outset. My experience of the Town, District and County Councils has only hardened my view that Bridgnorth District Council as an organisation is a waste of space. The rank and file officers at Bridgnorth District Council have done tremendous work, despite being hamstrung by poor leadership and are expert at turning sows ears into silk purses.

When I was first elected in 1999 my objective and subsequent  mandate was to see the council run in a more business like manor and for the long term good of residents. All too often decisions were made for petty short term reasons. Alas that has continued to the present day.

The Bridgnorth District Council is about as sustainable as a Chocolate Teapot. A study by 2 senior officers (sadly these excellent officers are now retired) a decade ago showed that the District Council had no long-term sustainable future.

My support for a Unitary Council cost me my District Council seat in last May’s elections. My overriding concern has always been that tax payers in Bridgnorth get value for money, quality services delivered and planned in the long term. A Unitary Council is the ONLY this can be achieved. As such and as a matter of principle I was quite happy to lay everything on the line last May. If required to do so I would gladly do it again.

Many officers are understandably nervous and sceptical about the proposals. This includes my own fiancé who works for Shropshire County Council. However, Unison is in favour of the proposal and have ensured that guarantees were included in the proposal.

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