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Shropshire Revolution lose 10-0 to Hull Hornets

Match report below

First Quarter Action:

Second Quarter:

Today I took Julie to watch her first live American Football game. Shropshire Revolution were taking on Hull Hornets at home in Telford. She enjoyed her outing and will definitely return to watch them play again.

On a breezy day with patchy cloud cover, the Revos kicked off the game. The Revos defence performed well on the Hornets first possession containing their drive and forced them to punt. For more reasons than one the ensuing Revos drive ultimately proved very costly to the Revos chances of securing their second win of the season.

The Revos chose to run the football on their first offensive play for a moderate gain. However, the play was overshadowed when Dale (No.67) suffered a broken leg in a freak accident as a Hornets player fell awkwardly on his right leg. Spurred on by the loss of Dale the Revos had their most successful drive of the game.

Driving down the field they were twice rewarded by the Hornet’s poor discipline to set them up in an excellent scoring position. A sloppy penalty allowed them to continue their drive. When the drive stuttered at the Revos’ 49 yard line, they were forced to punt. However, a defencive offside gave the Revos another first down, allowing the Revos’ drive to continue. Again the drive stuttered to a halt and the Revos were again forced to punt.

On the next play the Hornet’s centre snapped the ball over the head of their QB. The Revos recovered the football deep in Hornet’s territory. However the Revos failed to secure a first down or score any points after gambling on 4th and short and turned the ball over on downs. They should have kicked a field goal and taken the lead. The Revos defence held the Hornets in the red zone. However, the Hornets did not make the same mistake as the Revos. They instead chose to kick a field goal when the opportunity arose, giving them the lead at 3-0.

The remainder of the game was dominated for large parts by both defenses. Several times the Hornets QB scrambled for big gains as the Revos containment broke down. The best Revos play was a terrific interception deep in Revos territory as the Hornets again threatened to score. Later in the game the Hornet’s QB was suffering from a pulled hamstring which hampered his scrambling. However, the killer blow from the Hornets came when, deep in their own territory, they completed a pass short right to one of two wide receivers lined up on the right side of the field. Having made the reception the receiver lateraled the ball to the other wide receiver, who promptly scampered for about 80 yards to score the games only touchdown. The Hornets converted the touchdown and extended their lead to 10-0.

Shropshire Revolution put together some better passing plays late in the game. They might have had a chance for a consolation score had time not run out.

Final score 10-0. Record slips to won 1 lost 2.

My MVP was the Hull Hornets QB who kept several drives alive with his scrambles and was the best QB on the day.

The Revos should be able to take some solace from the game. They just need to execute better on offense. If they can beat Leicester Falcons, as they did in week 1, they should be able to take their record to 2 and 2. With another win against league newcomers, Tamworth Phoenix, they could / should get to a record a 3 and 2.