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Shropshire Conservatives Scrap Election Manifesto

Thanks to the diligence of Andy Boddington, Shropshire Conservatives have been forced to scrap their election manifesto. Andy discovered yesterday that Shropshire Conservatives had misappropriated a photograph from an Australian mental health charity, and tried to pass it off as their own. The image is the principle image on the front of their manifesto, appearing in the masthead.

After Andy contacted the media, the Conservatives tried to laugh it off before the heat forced a climb-down. They agreed to apologise to the charity, to stop delivering the leaflets and to compensate the charity.

To blatantly steal the image is appalling. The fact it was stolen from a charity is an outrage. I hope the compensation they are paying to the charity is considerable. I also hope that for once they follow through on their promises, compensate them well and junk the leaflet as promised. Cynical me thinks they may try and duck out the compensation and still deliver the leaflet.

You have to wonder why they couldn’t rustle up half a dozen Conservatives for their leaflet lol