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Salute to Mrs T

On a human level you have to applaud Mrs Thatcher, she was undoubtedly the iconic figure who defined Britain for a generation, who’s impact is still felt today and will be far into the future. As a leader she had drive, character, charisma, conviction and a host of qualities the Conservatives have been trying and failing to replicate in their leaders ever since.

She had great successes, like taming the unions, liberalising business and the Falklands.

She had great failures like the Poll Tax or allowing today’s rampant irresponsible capitalism to take root.

She had policies which were both… giving tenants the right to buy was a huge plus, but denying Councils the power to replenish their housing stock was a mistake. Social housing still performs a vital role but the crisis in the supply of affordable housing was born under her watch. Privatisation was also a success and a failure. Some worked very well, others failed spectacularly. As they say: if the cap fits, wear it.

Recent issues over Press Freedom, the Banking Crisis, Political Scandals have all shown us that rampant Freedom is not always a good thing. With Freedom comes great responsibility. Recent history is littered with irresponsible Freedom. Better regulation is coming about. At the end of it all we will still be Free but we will also be more responsible and hopefully more compassionate.

Thatcher got her own ism which is no mean feet. Many of her changes have been attacked by the left but ultimately adopted and expanded upon by Labour.

On a human level she was an iconic Britain – love her or loath her – you have to respect that. RIP Mrs T.

2 thoughts on “Salute to Mrs T”

  1. I can think of quite a few places and communities where she achieved the precise opposite of her initial statement “….where there is despair, may we bring hope” and tgey have never recovered.

    But having said that her passing throws into sharp relief the vacuity and hollowness of the Fauntleroys and political apparatchiks on all sides of politics as PR vehicles dancing on the heads of pins over lowest common denominator policies focus grouped to the point of infinite ambiguity.

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