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A better patch repair has been done but still leaves the junction in need of a full repair
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Queens Head roadworks & closure in October

In some welcome news, there are going to be some more substantial roadworks at the Queens Head / Rednal Mile junction in October. Welcome because this junction has been shocking for ages and was particularly dangerous earlier in the year. I have been pressing for a more permanent fix than the usual patching and surface dressing for months.

Full details of the closure can be seen here:

The roadworks will involve some disruption as the road will be closed for a day. The remainder will be done under traffic lights.

Road closure with diversion
18th – 19th of October 2018
Traffic lights
20th – 23rd of October 2018

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This troublesome junction has been a problem for ages, with many fudged repairs and a growing pothole as a result. The pothole covers most of the junction still, as much of the original road surface layers are still missing. The most recent repair of the deepest part of the pothole was the best by far. However, the junction needs plaining – where the top layers are removed and relaid.

plaining of the A5 during the construction of Nescliffe services

Plaining off the A5 during the construction of Nescliffe services when I was setting out the slip roads.

Hopefully, these repairs will put this problem junction to bed for some considerable time to come. However, with the poor record of the previous contractor and with the ongoing £5m/year cuts to roads I will be holding my breath for now.

Queens Head roadworks

Road Closure:  Main Street, Queens Head (from the public house to south east of the junction for Queens Head junction to Heath House junction) and 100m approx on Queens Head junction to Heath House junction (from the junction of Main Street).

Start Date15th October 2018

End Date23rd October 2018

PurposeCarriageway resurfacing under a road closure from 18/10/18-19/10/18 and 3 way traffic lights from 20/10/18-23/10/18

If anybody has any queries about this closure they can call Customer Services on 0345 6789006, or contact the Street Works Team on

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Growing traffic & pothole problems vs £5m cuts in roads T
The word is that the £5m cuts will now for 3 consecutive years and not the 2 that I previously reported.