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David Walker at Queen Head looking at the top class resurfacing work
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Queens Head resurfacing looks fab

First-class resurfacing at Queens Head and the refreshed road markings are fab ��

I had complained about the road markings for ages.

David Walker examining the improvements at Queens Head. The bush cuttings are behind the sign. The 30mph is now visible to drivers

When I popped out to examing the resurfacing at Queens Head I was glad to see that the bushes have been cut back as I had asked. The left-hand 30mph sign can be seen again by drivers heading into Queens Head. There is still no sign on the righthand side of the road though. I complained about the poor signage and the bushes.

Whilst all of this is very welcome it is still disappointing that other issues remain unaddressed by Shropshire Council:

  • Shropshire Council took 10 weeks to put the white lines down after they surface dressed the B5009 with chippings at the end of August. This is way too long. The markings are there to assist and advise road users of hazards, particularly at night.
  • Shropshire Council still hasn’t finished the road markings between Babbinswood and Whittington.
  • Shropshire Council chipped this section of the B5009 when it wasn’t needed particularly needed.
  • Shropshire Council still hasn’t sorted Station Road in Whittington which is still a mess and is in more need of repair and remarking.
  • Shropshire Council still hasn’t refreshed the markings all the way back through West Felton. The road is pitted with faults and the markings are wearing out.
  • Shropshire Council still hasn’t sorted the bleeding road surface north on Whittington that I complained about in 2018 – Bleeding is a safety concern since it results in a very smooth surface, without the texture required to prevent skidding or aquaplaning.