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QuantAthena IT Solutions

I have agreed to overhaul the website of QuantAthena IT Solutions, a national IT Services business offering Voip Phone systems, Data Hosting and Recovery, Hardware and Software support. Once again, this is a business that has a website with a Google PageRank of 0 – despite having paid for design and SEO services from an Expert! “We specialize in SEO (Search Engine optimization)” Well that ‘SEO specialist’ company’s own site has a PageRank of 0 – enough said.

The existing QuantAthena design is a WordPress Template with little bespoke design about it, and very little SEO factors beyond those inherent in the template itself. A re-tool of the existing site to make it work smarter and harder, apply some minimal re-branding and sort out the internal and external SEO factors that are missing, should help matters considerably. QuantAthena have had no business from their website since it was set up, thanks to their very low profile. They should see the improvements very soon.