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Punchbowl: Outline planning application for the erection of up to 5 dwellings

This is a long-expected but ill-conceived application for housing at the rear of the Punchbowl. This is one of the many reasons why I worked to get a conservation area for the village. The planning system hasn’t been kind to the village. Having the Conservation Area helps protect the village from inappropriate development but we also need a Neighbourhood Plan to properly protect the village where Shropshire Council won’t.

  • The plan will have a detrimental impact on the Setting of the Conservation Area;
  • The sequential threat to the continued use of the pub, which in turn will threaten the building as a historic asset to the village;
  • The loss of parking, widely used by the whole village for the carnival, school, village hall etc., leading to increased on-street parking and reduced road safety in places that are already a concern, increasing the risk of an accident in places we are trying to cut the risk;
  • The parking allocated to the pub is totally insufficient;
  • Overdevelopment risks the trees, with the outline plan not allowing enough space for the root protection areas, which are also integral to the character and setting of the pub and the heart of the village.

The applicant has drafted something that may work for them but won’t work for anybody else. However, it is an outline application, so they are only trying to establish the principle of housing on the site. Design details aren’t being considered but will be subject to a further application if this passes. Should it get through this stage, it will be very hard to stop it down the line as most of the points of objection will have been neutralised. They may point to examples where this has happened without detriment, but I can’t think of any. So, the reasons why a change in land use is detrimental are important to any objection.

24/02386/OUT|Outline planning application for the erection of up to 5 dwellings and associated infrastructure

Comment on the application here:
Deadline for comments: Fri 26 Jul 2024

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