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Oh shoot DONE IT AGAIN & update part 1

Another month has gone by & I still haven’t added a post…. Better pull my finger out.

Where to begin….
Well since my last serious post which was June last year *hangs head in shame* my life has completely changed – a series of changes for the better I might add!
Let me recap somewhat:
  • JULY 2009 was a slow month in many ways…. Still laid-off from work so started the process of redundancy after long discussions with my boss, ACAS and legal people. Had lots of chat with twitter friends & the ‘odd’ pub lunch.By the end of the month things took a turn for the better. A twitter friend who I hadn’t chatted too much to had her eyes on a friend of mine but that didn’t work out. Before long we were chatting more… more & more…. and before you know it Jane had entered my life as a very good friend. SCIATICA continued to be very painful. Discovered the advice GP had given me was way off beam – told exactly wrong thing but corrected by triage physio over the phone! 9 week waiting list for physio appointment. Oh and it was my 40th birthday right at the end of the month – a very bleak week for me as Julie had died aged 40 & I never felt so alone. All my other twitter friends continued to be superb – couldn’t wish to know a better bunch of people. By the end of the month I was officially made redundant ( although actually didn’t get redundancy money until Feb 2010!)
  • AUGUST 2009 As bleak as the run up to my birthday was Jane was a real trooper & in sharing our experiences we developed a deeper bond. She had lots of plasters and did an enormous amount to help me get things back in perspective. I Spent a fair bit of time playing with my new DSLR camera. By now I had learn’t that Jane was planning on moving back to the UK from South Africa – Jane was originally from Liverpool but left when she was 9. I suggested that she needed a holiday here first as things have changed a lot over here since she left. 12 months since I lost Julie came and went – another bleak period for me but Jane was still on hand with the plasters… bless her. By the middle of the month: Jane & I decided that she should spend a holiday over here with me & not in Liverpool, largely as it was a solid base for her to research move back to the UK; I had found some more gainful employment; I started to see a chiropractor to treat sciatica – this proved to be a great help in contrast to the NHS physio referral appointment which came in early 2010!
  • SEPTEMBER 2009 Jane arrived in the UK and spent a mere week in my company. during this time took her to see the sights of Shropshire & helped her investigate her options. She met Julie’s parents when I took some flowers to Julie’s grave. We had a fab time during her stay & by the time she had left we wanted to take things further or at least see where we could end up – most unexpected!!! We had hit it off & become an item lol Getting back to my house & back to me on my own was strange… very strange… I could still smell Jane’s perfume in the air. Wish she could have stayed longer! Think I knew then that I wanted her in my life & I was probably as low as I had been since Julie died.  The week after I started working for my new employers in earnest, chatted with Jane a lot & met up with some of my best twitter friends whilst working in Dover. Jane was very low having returned home & knew where she wanted to be.  I was was more cautious but by the end of the month was more reassured & we knew that if we were going anywhere special I would need to go down to Jane & meet her son. Arrangements were made & I jetted off down to South Africa to see how things developed with Jane & to meet Ross…. still pinching myself that this was actually happening. Julie had said to me way back in May 2008 that if anything every happened to her I was not to dwell, or hang about & I was to find a nice girl like Olivia down the road. Never did I imagine I would have to put her wishes into practice… but all I ever wanted to do was to make Julie proud of me – something I still do & will do till the day I die. Decided I need to make a move in otherways too & put my house back on the market.
  • OCTOBER 2009 I spent the last week of Spetember & the first week of October down in South Africa – saw the sights… well nearly… visted the cresta shopping centre a lot trying to get Jane’s IT up to scratch & largely failing. Crazy system down there lol But we got there in the end. Visited Gold Reef City & a few other attractions & spent a lot of quality time with Jane & Ross. I returned to see my house was officially back on market by completing last form. Was very surprised to have 3 viewings in no time at all – agreeing an offer with 1 of them two weeks later for a fair price. The only drag when I came back was that I missed Jane’s birthday on following Friday. Jane had decided she was leaving for the UK in January….

To be continued…