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NFL Draft looming

With the NFL draft looming the excitement level is rising sharply amongst hard core NFL fans. Who will you team select? Will the selections payoff and make a contribution to winning the Superbowl? Will the pick contribute straight away? What trades will be made? For the Eagles, who have bucket load of picks, I expect them to do a deal or two to move after there targets. Last year they moved out of the first round in a trade and controversially selected Kolb in the 2nd round. This year I expect them to do something to move up a few places if a target needs acquiring. However, trades are more likely to be about shuffling the lower picks. I don’t expect Lito will get traded as they currently have the best secondary in the league on the team. However, my guess is a bad as any body else’s. Time will tell and the clock is ticking.

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  1. For most – myself included – the biggest barrier to enjoying the NFL as a sport is understanding the rules. The NFL is fundamentally very simple. However, the very complex nature of the subtleties involved often prevent people from getting into the sport. The draft is typical of this.

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