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Ming Campbell Wins

Ming Campbell has been elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, taking over from Charles Kennedy. The full results of the all-member postal ballot were: Name First round… Read More »Ming Campbell Wins

Poll results update

My Leadership Poll after 500 votes now shows CHRIS HUHNE  247  (47.9%)+3.2*  MENZIES CAMPBELL  158  (30.6%) -2.7*  SIMON HUGHES  111  (21.5%) -0.6*  * change since 4th feb CHRIS HUHNE  314  (62.1%) … Read More »Poll results update

Leadership poll update – 412 votes

My Leadership Poll after 412 votes has CHRIS HUHNE  184  (44.7%) +1.1*  MENZIES CAMPBELL  137  (33.3%) -1.1*  SIMON HUGHES  91  (22.1%) -0.1*  * change since last weekend

STV Leadership Poll

I have set up a Leadership Poll for the LibDem Leadership contest. This poll uses the Single Transferable Vote system. This will run during the election period & might give people… Read More »STV Leadership Poll