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Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Thank you to everybody for their support and help over the last 12 months.

There have been many changes during 2007. It has been an eventful year, with getting married in September and with losing my District Council seat last may. Latterly, when you would have thought that things would have calmed down some what, I have found that I have been busier than ever.

Julie and I have decided to put my flat on the market. For the curious the details are here:

Recently very public disagreement between members and the town clerk have cast a dark shadow over the council. Instead of concentrating on delivering quality services for the betterment of Bridgnorth and it’s residents, the council has been side tracked by squabbles. It is time these petty squabbles were laid to rest. Let’s hope the festive spirit and a new year encourages common sense to prevail and enables everybody to actually work productively together.

Bridgnorth is a fantastic town and one that I am extremely proud of. It has a lot going for it and in my view, having travelled the length and breadth of the country with work, I have yet to see a better place to live.

Thanks again.

Merry Christmas and a peaceful,
happy New Year to everybody.