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Local Elections less than a day away

With the keenly contested local elections less than a day away, here are a few points to remember as you go to the polls.

The Conservatives are a one trick pony. They are bitterly divided over Unitary. Resulting in two groups on the district council – Conservative with Independents and Independents with Conservatives.

Labour have all but disappeared locally. This election  is your last chance to give Tony Blair a kick up the backside before he leaves office.

Only the LibDems have set out a positive agenda for the District Council elections.

Only the LibDems want to scrap Council Tax and replace it with a fair Local Income Tax based on peoples ability to pay.

Only the LibDems want to increase recycling to 100% of houses, collect cardboard & plastic from your door & tackle excess packaging head on.

Only the LibDems have a long term vision for Bridgnorth.

Rest assured that LibDems will dedicate themselves to protecting the long-term interest of residents. LibDems will not sleep during meetings, nor will they read the paper or go for a pint half way through a meeting.

Only the LibDems will be putting people first on 3rd of May.