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David Walker and the team out talking to residents about the issues that matter to them
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Local Elections 2021

Here we go again. The starting gun has been fired for the local elections to Shropshire Council and Town/Parish Councils across Shropshire.

Once again I have put myself forward for election, standing for Shropshire Council and West Felton Parish Council.

Shropshire Council Election

As in 2017, I am up against the sitting Councillor for Whittington and Deputy Leader of Shropshire Council, Steve Charmley. This time it is a straight fight between the two of us. Steve now lives in Oswestry and is also standing there for the town council – a big job in its own right if done properly. Perhaps his next ambition is to be Mayor of Oswestry?

People nominated for Shropshire Council Election: Whittington

In 2017 there was also a Green Party and an Independent candidate who gained a combined 21% between them. Back in 2017 I was a relative unknown having only recently moved to West Felton. With no third party players in the race last time the result could have been closer.

For the last 12 years, the Conservatives have been dogged by controversy and incompetence, wasting tens of millions of pounds on pet projects, largely in Shrewsbury. Money that should have been better invested in the whole county and would have had more far reaching long-term benefits for Shropshire. Here are a few examples but I am sure you can name many more:

  • Multiple leadership changes
  • £44.5M lost or 66% & counting on shopping centres
  • £2M lost on IP&E and Leader resigns
  • £4M wasted by not switching light to LED
  • Chief Exec gets 50% pay rise only to be fired in the middle of an extreme flooding crisis – we still don’t know what the compensation package was by the way.
  • Money wasted on Shirehall refurbishment, office hockey cockey and now relocating Shirehall completely.
  • Huge sums of money wasted on Consultants
  • Money being poured down the drain on North West Relief Road when fixing the existing bypass is far cheaper and better for the environment
  • Paying out £180,000 for a pothole consultant 8 months work

The Deputy Leader has no stranger to controversy himself either. When was the last time you heard from your County Councillor? When did he last update his website, call at your door or deliver a leaflet saying what he was doing for you?

Working hard all year round isn’t just a slogan – it’s a commitment

I have worked hard for residents – in my spare time. I don’t get paid a large allowance. County Councillors get paid a lot so it is only right that residents expect their councillors to be working hard for them all the time. The job is far more than just attending council meetings. So on May the 6th you need to ask yourself: ‘Who will do the best job for me?’

David Walker, the Liberal Democratic candidate for Whittington Division on May the 6th.

After 12 years of Conservative incompetence and waste, it’s time for change! Shropshire deserves better.

Vote for me on May the 6th and let’s shake up Shirehall together!

I’m Shropshire born and bred. I live in West Felton, where I’m the vice-chair of the parish council, but I’ve been a town, district and county councillor before. I’m a trustee on two charities aimed at supporting the poor and providing affordable homes.

For over 30 years, I’ve had a successful career as a Civil Engineering Surveyor working right across the UK. For the last 12 years, I’ve worked at one of the country’s top Planning Consultants as their Surveyor and IT Manager. As a result, I have a wealth of experience and understand what our area needs.

My top three priorities for our area are:

1 Roads

Residents are concerned about speeding traffic and road safety, potholes and the state of our roads. I have campaigned solidly on these issues for years. As a Surveyor, I have worked on the design construction and maintenance of our roads. Our roads are falling apart after years of neglect and looking more like the moon.

We need to make our roads safer for everybody to use, to cut traffic and to improve residential amenity

2 Housing

Housing is really important. The Conservatives want to impose houses all over the area but have failed to provide enough affordable homes for local people to rent and buy. Just throwing numbers at the problem isn’t the answer. Also, listed buildings aren’t as protected as they should be and many communities like West Felton, are at a development crossroads and risk being irrevocably damaged by inappropriate development.

I will work hard to make sure we have a better mix of development based on actual local need and a more locally accountable planning system.

3 Saving the county finances

Shropshire Council is on the brink of financial collapse yet the Conservatives have wasted many tens of millions of pounds on crackpot projects and have failed to invest our money wisely.

I’ll make sure green issues are higher up the agenda and that our money is invested in sustainable long-term projects that will bring a return.

It’s time for change!

After 12 years of Conservative incompetence and waste, it’s time for change! Shropshire deserves better.

If you want a strong local voice at Shirehall fighting for our area then vote for me!

If you want a listening council that takes proper accounts of your views then vote for me!

If you want a prudent financially sound council that focuses more on our area and not just Shrewsbury then vote for me!

Vote for me on May the 6th