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Top 5 latest news stories

Below you will find my top 5 latest news stories relating to the Liberal Democrats, Shropshire, West Felton Parish Council and Whittington Division

David at the Common Brook Pumping station where STW dumped sewage into the Common Brook twice for 17.68 hours in 2022

Rip-off Water Companies Failing Consumers

SEVERN TRENT WATER CEO ‘rewarded with huge 12% bonus’ on top of salary – despite filling waterways with sewage and failing to stop leaks. The total exec remuneration at STW is £5,988,700 in 2021/22. Sewage in Waterways: Locally last year, Severn Trent discharged sewerage into the Common Brook by Whittington in 3 places on 14… Read More »Rip-off Water Companies Failing Consumers

David looking at the flash flooding on the B5009 Holyhead Road

Flash flooding season again David went out to look at the latest flash flooding problems across the Whittington Division during the recent heavy rain. There were issues across the division again, with roads flooded in Hindford, Babbinswood, Boot Street, B5009, North Drive & Twmpath Lane in Park Hall. David is a Chartered Civil Engineering Surveyor.… Read More »

West Felton Parish Council report - St Michael's Church

West Felton Parish Council September meeting

As Chair of West Felton Parish Council here is my report of the September Parish Council meeting for the parish magazine: The Council welcomed John Thornhill to their ranks at the start of the meeting. John had applied to be co-opted. We still have a couple of vacancies to fill. If you are interested, then… Read More »West Felton Parish Council September meeting

Wedding day 14th Aug 2021

And on a personal note… We got married

On August the 14th we got married in St Chad’s Church, Haughton. After 2 postponements due to the pandemic Sandra and I finally managed to tie the knot as restrictions eased.

Housing Construction site

ICM Shropshire Council approved draft local plan

In case you missed it on the 15th July Shropshire Council approved the draft Local Plan. The Local Plan now goes off to a government appointed Planning Inspector for consideration. The video of the Council meeting is available here although the audio is awful, dropping in and out so frequently you would wonder whether somebody… Read More »ICM Shropshire Council approved draft local plan

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