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Land Survey

What is a Land Surveyor and who needs one anyway?

Land Surveyors provide accurate geospatial information in 2D or 3D. They basically model the real-world environment – both the natural landscape and the built environment, on land and underwater. They produce maps and plans or computers models. This data can then be designed upon, interrogated, measured and analysed by a wide variety of industries to manage their assets. Forestry, farming, construction, environmental, property, manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, energy industries all need to know the accurate physical relationships of their assets and their surroundings. Land Surveyors or Geomaticians provide that data in both relative and absolute terms.

Me surveying the West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park
David Walker surveying the West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park. A 5-year project to map the site to enable the park to better manage its rides, reserve, facilities and infrastructure
The resulting map of the site from the 5-year survey that was largely undertaken during the parks closed season when public access was more restricted. Many parts of the reserve were undertaken before the animals had their breakfast.

Drone Land Survey work

Times and technology are moving on, indeed going full circle. Photogrammetry and Lidar is in the ascendancy an taking over from traditional survey equipment. A drone survey of the Safari Park above could now be done with a tiny fraction of the time and more safely. Find out more about what I do as a Land Surveyor and drone pilot here: