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Year Happy New Year. 2020 has been awful. Here's to a great 2021
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Happy New Year

What an awful year 2020 has been. 2021 has to be a lot better but it is going to start of worse before it gets better, sadly. I hope everybody has had a restful and peaceful Christmas.

For me, I have been lucky… Lucky to be loved even if my wedding to Sandra was cancelled by Coronavirus last July. Lucky to have a job that has remained busy throughout 2020. Lucky to have avoided Coronavirus as an asthma sufferer. But I am conscious of those who haven’t been so lucky for whom this time of year is particularly hard.

Twenty years ago I spent two weeks in the Princess Royal Hospital with pneumonia. I missed the last week of 1999 and the first week of 2,000. Completely missing the millennium celebrations and listening to the fireworks from my hospital bed in intensive care. As an asthmatic, I had a tough time for a few weeks. Not something I care to repeat. I now only have to another 980 years to wait for the next millennium!

Please remember those who have lost loved ones in 2020. Christmas is a hard time for anybody dealing loss and bereavement. As I know from my own experiences as a Widower, Christmas, New Year, national holidays, anniversaries and birthdays are particularly difficult. That sense of loss is most palpable at these times.

Please also remember those that are battling every day to keep us all safe. This Christmas there will be many extra people impacted by Coronavirus. Key workers working their socks off, family members and friends dealing with the death of a loved one, and people concerned about the future of their job or business.

For me 2021 herolds my rescheduled wedding in March, my resceduled commercial drone pilots licence course and the local elections in May. These may yet be postponed. Time will tell.

Here’s hoping that everybody has a fruitful year in 2021. For now we need to look out for each other, respect the rules to combat covid, protect the NHS and the vulnerable and wait for the antivirals to kick in as the weather improves?

Be kind and stay safe!

Happy New Year. 2020 has been awful. Here's to a great 2021
Happy New Year. 2020 has been awful. Here’s to a great 2021