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Giants win Super Bowl with The Grasping Reception

In a truly awesome game the Giants came from behind twice to beat the Pats 17 to 14. For 3 quarters the Giants lead the game in ever department apart from the scoreboard.

A huge performance from Steve Spagnuolo as defensive co-ordinator allowed the Giants to dominate the pats for most of the game. Steve, formerly from my beloved Eagles, used the lessons learnt from Jim Johnson to perfection. He was my MVP of the game and must now be favourite to become Head Coach of the Washington Redskins.

I had a few bets riding on a Giants win and tonight’s game me my biggest return from the bookies in 23 years of following American Football. For the record I had a bet on the Giants scoring first with a Field Goal; the Pats being ahead at halftime with the Giants winning at fulltime; and a Giants win by 1 to 6 points. Fantastic. 2008 looks like being a great year.

Eli Manning won the actual MVP and I can not begrudge him that. The play of the century, with Manning scrambling in the pocket, being in the grasp and breaking free, launching a perfect pass to David Tyree who caught the ball with one hand and his helmet. Breathtaking.

This game will be replayed for years to come, in the same breath as The Immaculate Reception. Perhaps is should / will be know as The Grasping Reception. That one play destroyed the Pats hopes of achieving the perfect season and eclipsing the 1972 Miami Dolphins. It also stopped Tom Brady from winning 4 Super Bowls and emulating his hero Joe Montana.

This was the most enjoyable game I have watched since Super Bowl XXXIX (Pats vs Eagles) as an Eagles fan or since Super Bowl XXXIV (Rams vs Titans) as an impartial observer. My other most memorable Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXIII when the 49ers beat the Bengals with 34 seconds left. This was only because that TD deprived me of a very big payout from the bookies. I had the Bengals to win after a 49ers lead at halftime.

1 thought on “Giants win Super Bowl with The Grasping Reception”

  1. In a way I do feel for the Patriots… but mostly as an Eagles fan I worry about the next year.

    The Eagles will improve next year if they can win the tight games.

    Dallas will come back strong an well motivated after missing out in the playoffs this year.

    The Giants surprised everybody this year. If they can hold on to their players and coaches they will be very strong next year. I can not see how they can hold onto their Eagles bred defensive genius though.

    The Redskins will in all likelihood have Steve Spagnuolo as their new Head Coach.

    Suddenly the NFC East looks like being the toughest division in the NFL again.

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