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Farming community facing tough times

The farming community plays a big role in Shropshire’s economy. Today the president of the NFU has once again laid out how badly the farming community will be impacted by a no deal Brexit. A tariff wall would lead to massive oversupply, farmers going out of business and a huge cull of livestock would be the inevitable consequence of a catastrophic no deal.

NFU President: No deal ‘Economically disastrous’

Whatever your views on Brexit nobody voted to be poorer or for vast swathes of businesses to go out of business in the process. British farmers are the envy of the world, particularly postural farmers who are a global leader in animal welfare standards.

Earlier in the year Richard Huffer made a similar point in the Advertiser: Shropshire sheep farmer criticises ‘woefully irresponsible’ Brexit response

The food supply industry is massively important to the UK economy. Anything that undermines farming and food producers is dire news for everybody.

Only last week Cheshire’s last livestock auction closed down. Today we heard the Mullers were closing down a dairy…. What would be the impact on Shropshire if Mullers closed? That doesn’t best thinking about. If no deal happens there will be a lot more closures like that as the sector rapidly reorganizes to face to massive pressure Brexit will bring.

The Conservatives reckless handling of Brexit is definitely irresponsible. The farming community deserves better. Demand Better for farming.