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faith n hope

Life has been tough for me over the last few years… but despite all of the set backs I still have faith and hope that the future will be brighter.

Perhaps I am an idealist and or the eternal optimist…

In the dark, dark days after loosing dear Julie I have often found myself questioning my faith, not just in god but in the values of life itself. As time has gone on I have come to realise that my faith in life in particular & the capacity of humanity to do good has come back to me. This has not been easy & Jane has done wonders to help me realise this.

Deep down I remain cynical of many things… structured religion amongst them, but I hold true to my core values & my faith in god that things will always turn out in the end.

Jane at times blames herself for how Ross has grown up – some of which is tue – but ultimately, Ross is his own man, finding his own way in the world. A world that will be harsh & treat him poorly, at times… but he has to find his own way. Jane can guide him, nurture him, support him & steer him in the life changing choices he has in front of him. Life choices at times he doesn’t fully appreciate or plan properly for but ultimately they are his choices. Choices he will be making increasingly on his own as they years go by. But Jane also needs to learn not to smother him & he also needs to learn to help her help himself.

I have fairth, I have hope that they will see sense. I don’t think that will be for a year or two yet… but they will.