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England Debacle – girls heading home!!

Like everybody else who has been watching the debacle {disaster, ruin, route, fiasco, calamity, catastrophy – you take your pick they all fit} of the England football teams ‘effort’ in the world cup & I am shocked angry and appalled by their performance.

The knives are out for Capello but I don’t blame him so much. This may go against the grain but I don’t think he should resign after England’s early exit. How many times have England had top managers only to seem them fall in the big competitions?? Everytime! Doesn’t matter whether it is Robinson or Capello. There have been a lot of managers since we won the world cup who have come & gone in no time at all – all highly qualified. Some should have gone, others should have been given longer to turn things round. Capello made some mistakes in this world cup. That cannot be denied & ultimately he may have to take a lot of responsibility. His track record is impeccable and we can not keep changing managers when the whole England set up is at fault. The more we do the more english football looses… the further away we get from actually winning something!!! We have the tools to do the job – players and managers alike. The whole emphasis of the english game is backwards & playing for England just isn’t important enough for players any more.

So a very large part of my wrath is directed to those highly paid players who keep coming up short & consistently fail to show up in tournaments. They have the talent no doubt about that – we see it week after week in the premier league – yet somehow the passion & the pride doesn’t seem to appear. To that end we may as well select a random team from the lower leagues. They would have a better mentality. The result may be the same but for them it would be the biggest thing in their careers – their effort wouldn’t be questioned.

The England players have to take it on the chin – with the exception of James, Milner, A Cole, Cariger – you all played crap. Upson was terrible at the back making the whole defense as useless as a chocolate fire guard – his goal made up for some of his failings but only just!  And Mr Rooney your come top of the shit pile. Capello set the system  which didn’t work but the failings of the players were so bad it would be arguable if they would have worked in any system!

Rant over… for now!