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Eagles are smokin’ after recent trades

When activity in the NFL resumed, The Philadelphia Eagles boast went straight into action, trading Kevin Kolb for a Cornerback and a 2nd round pick.This was a very well work deal for both the Eagles and The Arizona Cardinals, who acquired Kolb in the deal. On face value this trade was a steal for the Eagles but longer term this may well work out to be a steal for the Cardinals as well.

For the next few days the Eagles have been very active, signing draft picks and poaching quality players through free agency. Boy of boy they have been busy. It’s like watch the Eagles mug the rest of the league. The ONLY questionable decision has been signing Vince Young, who apparently has a reputation for being a slacker, possibly unfairly. But to be fair to him he now has a ‘gold plated’ opportunity to rebuild his promising career. There is a lot of upside for both him and The Eagles. He has the chance to be mentored by Andy Reed and Michael Vick. Indeed VY has the talent, if honed and harnessed to be a solid no2 to Vick and possibly more. If it all works out then The Eagles stand to gain value down the road in another trade. But the moves have just kept on coming, barely leaving you chance to catch your breath.

The Eagles already boasted the most explosive offense in The NFL. Now after this activity they boast the premier cornerback group in the NFL with Asante Samuel, a four-time Pro Bowl selection; Nnamdi Asomugha, a four-time All-Pro who agreed to terms on a deal with the Eagles on Friday; and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who was acquired in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday. *gasps for breath*

The Eagles have also secured the talents of Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, from the Superbowl winning Green Bay Packers, where he had a career year.

So now The Eagles are the favourites to go to the Suberbowl XLVI in Indianapolis from The NFC, I have a few quid with the bookies and I am already saving to buy tickets! Watching the Live Eagles Camp via livestream has never been so enjoyable 🙂 Oh and to cap it all so far.  My favourite local American Football team, Shropshire Revolution, beat the Staffordshire Surge yesterday to secure a berth in the BAFA CL Division 2 playoffs… Get in there!  The day after my birthday. Whoop!