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Diffuser row decision day for Braun and Button

With all the other things going on for me at the moment, the row about split level diffusers has passed me by.

I saw the following on the BBC Sport website: “Jenson Button will find out if his car is legal when world motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, makes a final ruling on the diffuser row on Tuesday.” More: BBC Sport.

It seems that the row about split level diffusers, the rear part of the floor of the car between the rear wheels, has been brewing since the beginning of the season. Ferrari, Renault and BMW Sauber complained initially that the design was illegal. A complaint dismissed twice by race stewards. Then McLaren joins the party and the complaint ends up at the International Court of Appeal, threatening loss of points.

Honestly, it leaves me breathless. Ferrari and McLaren in particular have excelled at squeezing the rules to their own advantage. The minute somebody gets one over on them they cry foul. Would they be crying foul if they had have come up with the idea? Pot calling the kettle black springs to mind.

So far this has been the best season in a long while, with Braun giving us all a fairytale story to savour. All of the rule changes have opened up the racing no end and have added enormously to the sports attraction. Long may it continue in this vain. Roll on the next Grand Prix!

1 thought on “Diffuser row decision day for Braun and Button”

  1. Pleased to see this row has blown over. Brawn and Button are quite rightly in the clear. So the onus is firmly of Ferrari McLaren and Renault to get a split level diffuser ASAP. I can’t see them getting those until mid season and it’s bound to seriously impact on the car’s balance. Roll on the next Grand Prix and more success for Brawn. It’s a breath of fresh air and just what the sport needs!

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