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Congratulations on 101 success

Can I congratulate all of the Residents of Bridgnorth who have supported the 101 service. The usage for service has more than trebled in four years.

As Liberal Democrats we campaigned on behalf of residents to restore the Town Bus service when the service was axed. Residents launched a petition, lobbied Kit Sheldon, myself, BDC and and Shirehall to get the service restored. The Town Council set-up a transport sub-group with Kit, myself, Ben Jephcott and Philip Cookson to work with Ben Walker (then BDC rural transport co-ordinator) and Tim Wastling from Shirehall to look at transport in Bridgnorth. A particular emphasis was placed on restoring the town service.

After some careful deliberation the 101 service was implemented, with an increased route into Lodge Farm, new smaller low floor buses, better information and promotion of the new service.

From the start take up has been good. Bus journeys have increased from 462 in the last quarter of 2001 – a considerable improvement on the axed service – to 2074 in the same period of 2005. Almost a 450% improvement. This service is the most improved service in the County. LibDems have long held out that if you lay on a service that is fast, efficient, convenient, reliable and affordable then people will use it. In contrast the Conservatives only alternative to a failing service is to axe the subsidy or cut the service. Instead of addressing the reasons why a service is failing they cut the service & isolate vulnerable members of the community.

The service continues to grow with Officers considering an extension first mention by myself some years ago to move the route from The Hookfield to run up The Queensway & Princess Drive instead. This route would increase the reach of the service making it more accessible for people living on the Queensway Estate. However, this route has it’s own problems with potential conflict between a bus & parked cars occurring outside the Stars newsagent.

Tim Wastling, Shirehalls principle transport co-ordinator is asking residents to contact him with their views on the service and or the extension arround the Queensway estate. You can reach Tim by phoning Shirehall on (01743) 251000.