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Confused Conservatives

The Conservatives on BDC are confused bunch. Earlier in this month the administration group split. A new group was formed called the Independent & Conservative Alliance. The new admin includes 11 from the previous admin leaving 6 of the old admin members behind in the Conservatives with Independents group. After a farcical, bitter & vitriolic power struggle at annual council we have a Tories in administration & opposition. We have Chairmen who don’t have a positive endorsement of Council – Ed Shirley won Resources & Finance with 16 votes in favor, with 18 abstentions!

We have also have Conservatives voting all over the shop with regards to increasing the recycling rate to 90%. Having just voted in favor of 80% and only buying one vehicle, on Wednesday this week, they voted in support of a call from LibDem & Independent members to move to 90% and buying two vehicles. If only they had gotten their heads out of the sand 18 months ago we could have already reached this target.