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Come on turkeys…. Vote for Christmas!

Today we will probably see an interesting exchange at PMQs – difficult to see how Brown can put any gloss on the election results but I am sure he will try.

For me though, the interesting part of the day will be the vote this evening, calling for the dissolution of parliament. The SNP and Plaid Cymru have tabled a motion calling for dissolution, saying the government has lost authority and an election is needed to regain trust. The LibDems and the Conservatives are supporting the motion.

The whole parliamentary system is discredited. So it is only right that the public get a say on how the mess is sorted & who will sort it out. The danger will be nut clusters like the BNP getting in, but any delay only gives them more opportunity to strengthen their position. If the turkeys get this right we can re-engage with the public and produce a modern parliamentary democracy which is fit for purpose.

I doubt that it will succeed as Labour MPs will close ranks, but I sincerely hope that Labour MPs of good conscience do what is right for democracy, parliament and the country, and support the motion. So come on turkeys, stand up and be counted, and vote for Christmas, vote in for the dissolution of parliament!

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