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Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council is the top tier local authority for Shropshire. Shropshire Council is run by the Conservatives and has been since Shropshire Council was formed as a unitary authority in 2009. The Liberal Democrats are the largest opposition group on Shropshire Council. There are 74 councillors elected onto the council who represent 63 electoral divisions.

Since the Conservatives took charge of the new Unitary Authority for Shropshire they have been plagued by scandal, waste and incompetence. They have made huge cuts to local services, developed a huge black-hole in their finances and have no credible plan to find a sustainable solution to their financial problems. The Conservatives have come up with several failed initiatives to generate revenue IP&E and spending £52m to buy shopping centres to name but two. During this time they have had a Leader resign in the face of a scandal.

Demand Better local services and financial management

David was elected onto West Felton Parish Council in May 2017. He also stood for Whittington Division on Shropshire Council in May 2017, coming 2nd with 26% of the vote despite being new to the area and a relative unknown.

David was previously a Shropshire County Councillor for Bridgnorth Rural Division. David was also a Town & District Councillor for Bridgnorth Morfe Ward.

David Walker works as a Civil Engineering Surveyor and as an IT / Network administrator for a Shropshire Planning Consultancy.

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Shropshire Map – split into constituencies and divisions

Shropshire Council map - Whittington Division highlighted in orange. Also shows the constituency boundaries

Shropshire Council map – Whittington Division highlighted in orange. Also shows the constituency boundaries – click to open map

David looking at the flash flooding on the B5009 Holyhead Road

Flash flooding season again David went out to look at the latest flash flooding problems across the Whittington Division during the recent heavy rain. There were issues across the division… Read More »

Local Elections 2021

David Walker and the team out talking to residents about the issues that matter to them

Here we go again. The starting gun has been fired for the local elections to Shropshire Council and Town/Parish Councils across Shropshire. Once again I have put myself forward for… Read More »Local Elections 2021