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Happy New Year

Year Happy New Year. 2020 has been awful. Here's to a great 2021

What an awful year 2020 has been. 2021 has to be a lot better but it is going to start of worse before it gets better, sadly. I hope everybody… Read More »Happy New Year

Coronavirus update 2

coronavirus update from Cllr David Walker, West Felton parish councillor

We are now well into the second month of lockdown. Easing Coronavirus restrictions is increasingly being called for. However, this must be done carefully and at the appropriate point. Easing… Read More »Coronavirus update 2

Coronavirus update

coronavirus update

The Coronavirus scourge that is rampaging across the globe is now causing increasing disruption across the UK, as normal life is increasingly suspended, including politics. Venues are closed. Meetings are… Read More »Coronavirus update