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West Felton Housing Survey (Dec 2018)

Shropshire Council is now consulting on their future housing growth strategy for 2016 to 2036.

Please let me know what you think of the proposals so that I can better represent your views at West Felton Parish Council and at Shropshire Council.

Key facts for West Felton:

West Felton is slated to grow by 130 dwellings between 2016 & 2036.
60 of those have already been permitted but not yet completed.
2011 census said West Felton had 290 dwellings.
130 new dwellings is a rise of 45% since the 2011 census.

In 2005 the parish was surveyed, including on options for Housing growth, achieving a 34% response rate. Overall the response was for more affordable housing but not more than 20 dwellings. 45% of responses said less than 10.

In 2013/14 a further survey of the parish achieved a 30.6% response rate.
89% of responses agreed with West Felton being classified as ‘Open Countryside’.

    1) On reflection, has the housing growth of the village since the 2011 census been

    Too FewToo ManyAbout Right

    2) On reflection, will the mix of the houses that have been built or have been granted permission, met the needs of the parish in future years

    0 is not very well --------- 10 is very well

    3) Overall, of the houses that have been built or have been granted permission, have they suited the character of the area


    4) Has the size of the new houses that have been built/permitted been

    Too BigToo SmallAbout Right

    5) Have the number of bedrooms per new house been

    Too ManyToo FewAbout Right

    6) Should West Felton have a conservation area(s) to further protect the character of the village as it grows


    7) Are there enough affordable homes to rent in West Felton


    8) Are there enough affordable homes to buy in West Felton


    9) Comparing open market and social housing has the balance been

    About rightToo many open market housesToo many social houses

    10) Should West Felton become a Community Hub and have more houses built, or remain as Open Countryside and have fewer houses built

    Open Countryside - defined as the area outside of any settlement with a defined settlement boundary. Where only development that is essential for the purposes of agriculture, forestry, outdoor recreation, public infrastructure, essential works undertaken by public service authorities or statutory undertakers, or for other uses appropriate to a rural area will be permitted.Community Hub - generally considered to offer sufficient services and facilities to meet the day-to-day needs of their resident communities. They have a development boundary within which suitable development can take place.

    11) Thinking about future need what sort of houses are needed in West Felton

    Flats or apartmentsSemi-detached BungalowsDetached BungalowsSemi-detached housesDetached housesSupported houses / apartments

    12) Again thinking about need, new homes should have how many bedrooms


    13) Shropshire Council has opted for the ‘High’ housing growth option of 28,750 dwellings was this right or would you have preferred a different option

    No - the CPRE's suggestion of 18,000 was a better optionNo - the Government's suggestion of 25,400 was a better optionNo - Shropshire Council's suggestion of 26,250 'Moderate growth' was a better optionNo - Shropshire Council's suggestion of 27,250 'Significant growth' was a better optionYes - Shropshire Council's suggestion of 28,750 'High growth' was the right option

    14) Considering all of the above, what is an acceptable number of houses for future growth in West Felton - bear in mind that Affordable homes can be built as part of an open market development or as an exception site. Exception sites aren't counted in housing growth numbers.


    Thanks for taking the time to fill in the survey. Your opinions matter. By providing your details below I can make sure the views of residents of West Felton and those with an interest in the parish are properly considered. It also helps prevent spam and ensures only real people are filling in the survey. Unverifiable responses will be excluded. The results will be share when the survey closes in the new year.

    If you submit this form, the Liberal Democrats, locally and nationally, may use information provided, including your political views, to further our objectives, share it with our elected representatives and/or contact you in future using any of the means provided. Some contacts may be automated. You may opt out of some or all contacts or exercise your other legal rights by contacting us. Further details are in our Privacy Policy