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Liberal Democrats believe in grafting for our communities. We get out there and we get stuck in. We don’t get lost in committees. So we actively campaign on the issues that matter to you. When you elect us to do a job, we unsurprisingly, do a job. This means we work for you and feed issues into our councils rather than just feed you what comes the other way. In short, we work as your champion and as your advocate with our local authorities.

You will find information on these campaigns in the news section and organised by campaign summarised below – filter by campaign name:

Restarting Car Park Charges too soon
Public Accounts Committee Press Release
Household Recycling Centres reopen
Coronavirus update 2
£52m shopping centre purchase inquiry
Shropshire in the Broadband slow lane
A tale of two signs
Coronavirus update
Time for REAL action on floods & SuDS