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Busy busy busy

Alas my new theme is still brewing in part because I gave been busy. Busy chasing happiness. Busy on other projects. Busy with work. Busy as a new Trustee of Bridgnorth Housing Trust.

The substantial freelance laser scanning survey has been completed. A couple of other websites I manage have progressed and some exciting new websites are on the development cusp. Including a new wrinkle at Green Planning Solutions LLP for my day job.

Signs of improvement in the economy are there. Signs of improvement for me are also there. Both need to be capitalised on.

However, I do have to reflect on the las 5 years… these have been years of recession for the economy and for me on a very personal level. 5 years ago my dear wife died and in a couple of weeks it will be our 5th wedding anniversary – an anniversary we have never shared except in spirit. How my life has changed beyond recognition since those happy days leading up to our wedding and the 11 months that followed.

Life throws many curves and bumps on an otherwise straight and flat road. I have developed swerveability or as a friend recently said ABS to help negotiate the curves and bumps.

So as I go forward, ever forward, things continue to improve. Indeed if I  spent all of my time looking backwards I would inevitably keep tripping over my own feet. However, I do allow myself to pull into a lay by once in a while and reflect on good times and happy memories. Take stock and look forward to the happy times to come.