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Buffalo signs TO to 1 year deal

So Terrell Owens has signed a $6.5 million 1 year deal with the Buffalo Bills. Good luck to Buffalo. TO is a toxic asset, who will probably help with the stats, but his attitude stinks. He’ll be doing quite nicely out of this deal, all the same. As for the Bills have they taken on more than they can handle? That remains to be seen. Is TO a bad influence on team spirit? Is Dale Winton camper than two rows of tents?!

If they were sensible then the contract will have all sorts of hand cuffs in it to rain in his eccentricities. Histroy has shown that TO will do as TO does. If he just plays football, is a team player and just lets his talent do the talking, then he will build a legacy before he retires. If not… I hope the powers that be never nominate him for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If they did I might just walk away from following the NFL altogether. Nuckledown kido!

It is quite possible TO will change his spots but I can’t see it happening any more than I saw this deal coming!