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Bridgnorth Housing Trust

As a trustee of Bridgnorth Housing Trust I have been working with the Chairman of the Trustees and the Clerk to the Trustees on the Trust’s new website.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing Alms and Almshouses to the needy people of Bridgnorth. The charity can trace its roots back to 1503.

As part of supporting the needy of Bridgnorth and to help meet existing demand for their properties they have submitted a planning application to build 29 new properties in Low Town.

For further information about the application and the charity please have a look at their website: Bridgnorth Housing Trust | Providing Almshouses since 1503

3 thoughts on “Bridgnorth Housing Trust”

  1. Hi David, I don’t live in Bridgnorth but my parents do and I believe there is a lot of controversy in Low Town about this development. Would you be able to post an article on Piginthepoke on the background to this? It would also be interesting to know what efforts have been made by Bridgnorth Housing Trust to consult with homeowners and other local residents who will be affected.

    1. Thanks Chris. Sorry for the delay lost your comment in 500+ spam comments. As a Trustee I can not comment on behalf of the trustees as a whole. Regarding the application our Agents are the architects and we follow their advise on what is required in the context of planning law. If you have specific concerns they are best addressed through the charity office. So that the Clerk can ensure every Trustee is aware of the concerns. We have, as I am sure you are aware, have made changes to the application to address the concerns of residents and the planners. Bridgnorth Housing Trust’s website does have more information on what they are about. The charity exists to help Bridgnorth residents of good character find housing when they are the victim of circumstances beyond their control, be that bereavement, impoverishment or infirmity. If you need to know more then by all means contact the Clerk who will be more than happy to assist.

      1. Thanks for posting your reply, David. I have since heard that homeowners in the area have written to the trustees of Bridgnorth Housing Trust and have been active in speaking to councillors and the local media.

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