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Am I strange? Am I out of the ordinary? Am I missing something?

From what I have seen in life, through the easy and the hard times, I have come to understand that the overwelming majority of people yearn for a sense of belonging, to be valued and appreciated for their contribution. Be it in family life, social groups or in the work place. If we feel that we belong, that we are valued and or appreciated, we work harder at sustaining family life, groups and work. If we get fullfillment in all three we work harder in life, groups & work and we value those around us more, and reinforce their own belief in themselves and others.

After all are we not social animals?

I have found and lost my sense of belonging on many occasions. When I have lost that sense I embark on a journey trying to regain the feeling of fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction that follows. In the vast majority of cases I have been richly rewarded by the balance I find in myself. In many cases I have found fulfilment not from things that centre around me but those things that help others.

I am blessed to have many, many friends around the globe who have been there for me & helped me on my journeys of rediscovery, help me to find a sense of purpose and belonging. Over the last couple of years that journey has been the hardest yet & the support from friends has been the strongest.