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A442 Quatford speed limit update

I am pleased to reported that the speed reduction proposed for the A442 through Quatford is out to consultation with the Police. Once Shirehall have received the views of the Police they will make any required modifications and then go out to formal public consultation. Although this is somewhat later than I had anticipated.

Recent accidents in Quatford have only heightened the sense of urgency for this scheme to be implemented. I hope the Police take a positive position on the proposal so that this vital scheme can be implemented as soon as possible. However, considering that the original intention was “have works completed on site during the current financial year” I feel somebody needs to step up a gear.

The proposal is to reduce the speed limit through Quatford from 50 to 40mph. The move by Shirehall was announced during the build-up to the 2005 elections as part of a wider review of speeds limits along the A442.

The campaign to reduce the speed limit through Quatford village has been going for several years. My involvement started when I became a Councillor in 1999 lobbying the County Council on behalf of residents. The wider A442 campaign has been spearheaded by LibDem Councillor Colin Taylor of Alveley, former Ludlow MP, Matthew Green and myself after a number of serious accidents along the A442.

Whilst a member of SCC I participated in a scrutiny review of village speed limits. The aim of the review was to ensure more speed limit projects were implemented. The historical position had been that there were massive delays in the whole programme. Largely brought about by excessive demands from the Police that schemes should be ‘self enforcing’. This meant even the most simple of projects had to have masses of highly expensive red tarmac and traffic calming measures, pushing costs through the roof and preventing many worthy scheme from seeing the light of day.