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7 months with out Julie

This weekend sees me hit the milestone of spending 7 months without Julie. Something I had considered impossible 7 months ago. Certainly, during the early months it was all about survival and just existing. Thanks to friends and family, I have made it this far. I turned a corner with the new year and the last month has been the easiest so far, by far.

Julie always told me to move on if the worst should ever happen. As painful as it was initially, I joined and a couple of other websites to find some new friends and expand my horizons. So far this has paid off but there is still a long way to go. Where I will end up only God knows.

copyrightedThe change in weather has probably had a lot to do with the change of my mood. As things start to bloom you just can’t help but be reminded of the wonderful things in life. Like seeing my niece Violet’s personality develop. She is as cracker! Lately there has also, on a personal level, been more good news than bad. In the early days it seemed like everybody was going through the mill. Some haven’t come out of the woods yet, so now I must turn my attention to them and help them as they helped me.