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Leadership movements?

Web polls are by and large useless. However, if you watch them over time they can tell you things about mood changes.

So far my Leadership Poll poll has generated 305 votes.

First Round

CHRIS HUHNE  133  (43.6%) 
MENZIES CAMPBELL  105  (34.4%) 
SIMON HUGHES  67  (22.0%) 
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB ____________________________ :

Simon is eliminated.

The result of Simon votes being reallocated gives:

CHRIS HUHNE  171  (57.0%) 
MENZIES CAMPBELL  129  (43.0%) 
None of these  5   
DD _______________________________________________

Some 77.8% of Huhne’s votes are first preference votes.

Since I started this poll, the first round started off with very little happening for Simon. His share was in the low teens. After his revalation his share has strengthened, Huhne’s has fallen back slightly and Ming’s has stayed about the same.

The second round continues to result in a Huhne win after Simon is eliminated, but his margin of victory is smaller.

What that means is speculation, but it is interesting none the less.