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£133,000 of Second Homes money unused

During Council last Wednesday, Colin Taylor ask the Chairman of Housing and Environment a question about ‘Choice Based Lettings’. The Chairman, Roy Lane, read out a reply which basically stated the position that we understood already. I.e., the admin / officers have got a growth bid £10k in their budget for ‘Choice Based Lettings’ – subject to budget approval in the new year.

As a supplementary, Colin asked for confirmation of figures he had obtained which showed that, BDC has over £133,000 of unclaimed Second Home Council Tax money sitting in Shirehall’s coffers. Officers confirmed his findings. It is quite simply unforgivable that such a large amount of money is left sitting on the shelf, unclaimed, when there are many qualifying schemes, like Choice Based Letting, which can use this money. I will want to see this rectified ASAP.