West Felton PC July meeting
In my role as Chair of West Felton Parish Council, I have to write a report on the meeting for Parish Magazine. Two members gave their apologies as did Steve Charmley who supplied a written report instead – strangely no mention of the draft local plan nor his plan extra money for potholes being adopted… Read More »West Felton PC July meeting
New Administration – Will it stand test of time?
The awful set of election results for the Conservatives on May 6th shook up Shirehall. They lost 5 seats, including that of their Leader and narrowly escaped losing 6 more by the smallest of margins. This includes Whittington Division where the Deputy Leader, Steve Charmley, clung on by 34 votes to beat me. All prompting… Read More »New Administration – Will it stand test of time?
Thank you for your help, support and votes
A week has now passed since polling day and a few days since the declaration, so I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all of your help and support over the last four years. Thank you for your support and votes last Thursday. It is always humbling standing for election and have people… Read More »Thank you for your help, support and votes
What has Shropshire Council got to hide?
“What has Shropshire Council got to hide?” That is the question I now find myself asking. On the 9th on March I asked a public question for the Shropshire Council Cabinet meeting on the 11th. The question was duly tabled and an answer promised to follow the meeting. Fair enough. It was a complex question.… Read More »What has Shropshire Council got to hide?
Local Elections 2021
Here we go again. The starting gun has been fired for the local elections to Shropshire Council and Town/Parish Councils across Shropshire. Once again I have put myself forward for election, standing for Shropshire Council and West Felton Parish Council. Shropshire Council Election As in 2017, I am up against the sitting Councillor for Whittington… Read More »Local Elections 2021
Shropshire Roads: condition – generally shameful
It is no surprise to anyone that shropshire roads are in aweful condition.  Most of us recognise that the roads improve when we cross the border into neighbouring authorities. If you need a graphic illustration of that then look no further than the annual road condition data from the Department of Transport. Their data includes… Read More »Shropshire Roads: condition – generally shameful
Vaccination rollout gathers pace
Vaccinations are being rolled out at a good pace with more centres coming on stream. Over 200,000 people in the county have now been vaccinated, pushing us closer to half of the population. The Shropshire Star has also reported that over 50 year olds vaccinations will be starting next week. As an Asthmatic I had… Read More »Vaccination rollout gathers pace
Shirehall relocation to Pride Hill
Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of listening with interest to the Performance Management Scrutiny Committee at Shropshire Council. An acquired taste. My interest was the proposal to relocate Shirehall to the Pride Hill Shopping Centre. The report outlined the options examined, and the appendix outlining the potential disposal area at Shirehall. 5 options were… Read More »Shirehall relocation to Pride Hill
Local plan: last chance to comment on Conservative plans to ‘impose houses on area’
The FINAL public consultation on the Conservative’s draft local plan proposals is now out for consultation. The consultation runs until 5 pm on the 5th of February 26th of February. Note new deadline. This consultation is referred to as the ‘Regulation 19’ consultation. The aim of this round is to allow people to examine and… Read More »Local plan: last chance to comment on Conservative plans to ‘impose houses on area’